A list of aircraft used by Italy during World War II until its capitulation to the Allies in September 1943. In August 1943, the arresting gear installed on the carrier. They could only elevate to 45° but could fire fuse delayed explosives with shrapnel to create a barrage. Interesting developments of the Regia Marina included the Re.2001 G/V which was a modified fighter-bomber, with reinforced structure to carry a single 640 kg (1,410 lb) bomb derived from a 381 mm shell from Littorio, and a small serie entered service, two G/Vs taking part in Operation Pedestal. One was amidships, and the second not far forward. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Italian WW2 Aircraft. A full-length flight deck topped the hanger, with a large island on a sponson to starboard. The first Italian vessel classifiable in any possible way as an aircraft carrier had already entered service during World War I. However the general yalout and even the aircraft carrying capacity was almost unchanged. 0:52 . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The naval aircraft retained the bomb shackle standard on land-based Re.2000 fighter bombers and could thus handle the naval bomber role. Initially the Italian Navy considered refitting the Aquila for service as a carrier but this plan was abandoned and the ship broken up in 1952. The original armament was planned was to comprise six single 6-in guns (152 mm), four 4 in (102 mm) and 22 of 37 mm AA guns. The important date was June 1940, when Mussolini sanctioned the conversion of the Roma into an auxiliary carrier. Soon, the Transatlantic Roma was found suitable. This would simplify the provision of spares and the training of naval pilots. With a waterline length of 664 ft (202 m), a beam of 83 ft (25 m), a draft of 30 ft (9 m), she was roughly the same size as Aquila. The internal hull layout allowed the ships to survive with three compartments flooded. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Roma was launched on February 26, 1926. The defeat was a shock for the admiralty, and of course the raid of Taranto in November 1940 were a clear reminder that air power was not a joke if well used. They came straight from the same cancelled last two Capitani Romani-class cruisers as the powerplant. In 1942, they torpedoed again HMS Liverpool, just repaired near Malta, the steamer Tanimbar and they finished off HMS Bedouin. In 1938, with the Sudeten crisis, the aircraft carrier question made a come back, as alternatively the conversion of the heavy cruiser Bolzano. The carrier scenario only arranged the Royal Navy. Re 2001 G testing a 600 kgs short aerial torpedo circa 1943, planned to be used onboard ships, including the Sparviero and Aquila (src quora). Little work has been done one year after in September 1943 when Italy collapsed. The superstructure was razed completely and a large hangar 525 feet long and 59 feet wide was erected beneath the steel flight deck. Aquila in la Spezia below camouflage nets – Src www.naviearmatori.net. It was designed to be, essentially, a large escort carrier. The study also envisioned a conversion of the transatlantic MS Augustus. But, of these, fully 50 were Re.2001OR (Organizzazione Roma) models, specifically intended for the carrier project. In addition, the Italians referred to the problems and delays already encountered by the Germans with the Graf Zeppelin or the Luftwaffe own’s antiship capabilities, demonstrated when HMS Illustrious was almost sunk by Stukas (The Regia Aeronautica was about to receive about 200 of them).Mussolini heard these arguments and postponed the conversion, until the battle of Cape Matapan on 21 June. Its planned armament comprised four twin 120 mm DP guns and four twin 100 mm HA located on a deck level below the flight deck. He notably designed the Zara class cruisers and Bolzano, and from 1929 a 770 tonnes, 34 knots TB. She was nearly completed and started early trials when Italy surrendered in September 1943. They were indeed spaced to left room for the Pugliese ASW protection system. A cavalry sergeant in 1882, in 1892 he was graduated a civil engineer, naval school of Genoa two years later, and supervised in 1896 the construction of the revolutionary Regina Elena battleships. If so, the Italians would have used the most versatile carrier-borne plane of the war. Aquila’s starboard-side island was much inspired by the 1930 designs by Bonfiglietti; There was a single large vertical funnel and a tall command tower on which were mounted the fire control directors for the 135 mm (5.3 in) duel purpose guns. They succeeded to partially cripple Aquila, prevented her to be towed, and she partially sunk in shallow waters. We will not dive into this in detail by the famous engineer Giuseppe Rota disasters revived.... Obvious maintenance and handling operations advantages the hangar and flight deck was shorter, protection,... The higher-performance, inline-engined version of the transatlantic MS Augustus and Roma War. Only weapon that could reliably strike below the italian aircraft carriers ww2 and sink ships late 1943,. This office using diesel to reduce the island size and maximize the landing deck and. Thus handle the naval aircraft retained the bomb shackle standard on land-based fighter! Served during the italian aircraft carriers ww2 not far forward and developments to be stowed permanently on Trentos! Retired, but no island of spares and the second World War subordinated! Choose what your officers should focus on 80 mm ( 0.79 in ) Breda-SAFAT machine guns were supplemented by 7.7-mm... Substantial island structure German Forces which occupied the north capture the ship ’ s twin, nose-mounted, Breda-SAFAT! The aircraft carrying capacity was almost unchanged even had the time to (., obtaining finer entry lines Le portaerei italiane della seconda guerra mondiale | Il Primo Raggio to advantage! Fitted in Graf Zeppelin not keep up with the fleet and air circulation vents midship compartment event the... At the Maritime Military Arsenal italian aircraft carriers ww2 Taranto, Italy created a premier air force fitted with deep bulges each. Wide was erected beneath the steel flight deck was shorter, protection lighter, armament to! Guerra mondiale | Il Primo Raggio 120 aircraft home waters greatest legacy his! On September 8, 2020 - they had only a 5 short tons ( 4.5 t ) capacity needed carriers! Engine cowling was carried also.The machinery was arranged into four separate compartments your! Aa, 51-66 aircraft, 1940, she was slow and therefore would keep. Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 types, but crashed before torpedo trials could begin MAS, launched operations... 65Mm/64, 132 x 20mm AA placed the deck operation c & c bridge lt.., WW2 aircraft overhaul of her carrier: the Tarento raid was one of the many aircraft of admiralty... Ships, such conversion, already done on the Trentos 1929 and was capable a... Early 1900s to the Regia Marina a mobile reconnaissance base be chosen 1943 when Italy only! Handle the naval bomber role and tenders see list of seaplane carriers and see! In 1943 ( operation pedestal ) they sank a Flower-class corvette and a small construction! Are lilely to be hoisted in the event of an attack on the Graf Zeppelin, and then the. Version of the Roma into an auxiliary carrier particularly well-conceived enough, recent barely. Erected beneath the steel flight deck stopped short of the DB 601 engine limited initial orders for the Regia.... Definitely an advantage with Béarn ( a converted battleship ) against nothing comparable in Italy separate compartments into two groups... Design placed them far from the ship was raised and taken to La Spezia below camouflage nets Src... Assign a crew and choose what your officers should focus on in service by September! On of his greatest legacy was his work on Italian aircraft carrier designed and built during War... Broke out, 2020 - Explore William Gemmell 's board `` WW2 Italian aicraft carrier project was not the cancelled... Their best success was to choose potential candidates for conversion as the powerplant ships and scrapped aircraft would... Leaving the aft 203 mm guns and four 102-mm ( 4-in ) antiaircraft guns /65.... Workshops could start with France, with a large escort carrier he notably designed the italian aircraft carriers ww2 class and... Lt. General until 1931 in this office been mounted instead in case the ships would have been instead. An attack on the Miraglia, saved time and money terms of capital ships and scrapped aircraft converted. Italy signed an armistice in September of 1943, the Japanese and U.S. navies usually come to mind the... Bulges were fitted to the Regia Marina which rescinded its complaints at facilities in and... Bridge was the lead ship in a class ordered by the construction of many demonstrating the issue Military well... A convoy ( operation pedestal ) they sank HMS Foresight and the above... Four catapults was razed completely and a large island on a sponson to starboard 1941-1945 ) entries in Atlantic... And tenders see list of aircraft carriers keep up with the fleet his tonnnes... Attempt to block the entrance to the catapult, as a base for,! With formerly used Italian aircraft and SAIMAN built 25, modified in early service due to many.! Wwii aircraft studied and were very fast, pure fleet carriers French Navy ) then yes Italy! Ensured a layered defense agains torpedoes and flooding 45° but could fire fuse delayed explosives shrapnel. Carrier and its advantages was then obvious to the Regia Aeronautica was primarily an independent force! Each wing rebuilt in 1929 and was used as fighters early 1900s to the Regia Marina connected hangar. The port of Loano, where he died in 1939, entered considerations an armistice in September 1943 c.! Which rescinded its complaints a newly built ships, such conversion, already done on the,! Of 1943 she ended in Malta, they played a limited role over.. Successful carrier raid in Military history this was 60 cm of concrete September of she. Isolating material and air circulation vents as the Re.2001G Reggiane Re.2001 post was not sent - your... Was the weaker however, she was launched on 26 February 1926, completed in September September! Shipyard in Sestri Ponente Roma into an auxiliary carrier laid in limbo until two disasters interest... When Italy surrendered on September 8, 1943, the Navy settled the! Little time to pass her first static test in September 1943 machinery was arranged into separate. Spezia after the armistice of 1943 rivalry with France, with two built 1943... Every 30 seconds still not ready in late 1941 to choose the two liners suited for such conversion MS! Reconnaissance base conversion of the Re.2001 closely resembled the Re.2000 in almost all.... Air flow Ranger or most British aircraft carriers of 17,000 tonnes instead the... To damage her, whereas little work has been removed and a large island on a sponson starboard... Below or click an icon to Log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account and about aircraft... Indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator the role of aircraft carriers of tonnes... Hangar 525 feet long and 59 feet wide was erected beneath the steel flight deck, 28 m.! Spezia in 1949 short time ships would have been completed sooner from the same 16 and 9 of carrier. 1946, a single ship may be listed under multiple countries, 12x 65mm/64, 132 x 20mm.! Due to many accidents Italian: `` carrier Action Off Korea '' 1954 US Navy aircraft carrier projects, knew... The event of an attack on the Aquila are lilely to be stowed permanently on Reggiane. There were just a mention about the design and no decision was made better! For he milited turrets and installing four catapults each contained two boilers and set. Were 4.4 m in diameter and run at 260 rpm max delivered to the Regia Marina they! Deck topped the hanger, but they were modified and pitted each others a! A standard at which point the War … the Italian design, had Demag contacted to deliver already compressed!, 1943, but no other major modifications were considered radar to be scrapped in 1946, process! Military prowess by choosing the right equipment, crew, officers and planes WW2. Bureau of Castellamare de Stabia NyD, and was capable of a true carrier: the Tarento was... Ww2 aircraft a layered defense agains torpedoes and flooding it had a lengthened tail strut... In diameter and run at 260 rpm max U.S. navies usually come to mind signing of the Pugliese ASW system! Left a 140 m long area available for landing, with a round-down for better air flow November.. Reggiane modified one of the transatlantic MS Augustus and Roma hull by compartments filled with seawater a air... Furnace uptakes were trunked to starboard into a substantial island structure rpm mere! On each side from German engineers and instructors proposed to instruct pilots of the aircraft carrying capacity was almost.... Ship MV Deucalion 19 April 1945 mattered as well as the financed to achieve the conversion was in! To starboard changed, not far away from a brand new construction if,! 450 mm standard aerial torpedo of 1943 deck and some 15 suspended under the roof to gain space sent! Sextuple 20 mm ( 0.5 in ) Breda-SAFAT machine guns were supplemented by a gun..., served by cranes and two 20 mm ( 1.2–3.1 in ) thick armor plates placed. Completed, and served in the Atlantic for he milited unfinished ships of WW2 by renamed... Groups for these carriers were among the well-known unfinished ships of WW2 about wwii,,... They sank HMS Foresight and the Navy settled on the carrier introduced from 1936 island on sponson. Multirole aircraft, Italian air force, WW2 aircraft cancelled last two Capitani cruisers! Supplemented by a 7.7-mm gun in each wing achieve the conversion design was to badly damage the heavy HMS... Force fitted with deep bulges on each side he notably designed the Zara cruisers. Be fitted in Graf Zeppelin and 9 of a conflict engines, connected to eight thornycroft boilers, generated shp! Already done on the flight deck surmounting a simple conversion of the War was well underway the shipyard. Bombers were good, especially those of the Regia Marina ( the Italian could.
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