First grade is that magical time in which your child progresses from simply writing words to becoming a “writer,” and their spelling skills will improve in the meantime. Back to the bottom of the heap. Right away, I saw the enthusiasm in the kids. I am the lucky teacher of 28 second graders! A math double is the process of adding a number to itself. Free printable pdf spelling This is my second year teaching second grade. Thank you for sharing. Also often the beginning of all the boy/girl stuff.” — Hilary F. “You’d be surprised to know how many of your fifth graders already have Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts.” —Diane N. “Terrified middle schoolers. One of my darlings raised his hand to ask me how to spell IGA.”, “The silliness and innocence of being young but gaining in maturity and independence. First Grade: Sweethearts “I teach first and love it! Teaching students how to think is not an easy task. Open to new ideas. She is going to match letters to sounds (a process is called decoding), see patterns in the spelling of words, and learn to correctly pronounce words. It is pure joy to see a child become even more the person they are meant to be.” —Elizabeth Tavasci, first and second grade, Phoenix, Arizona, “I know I love my job when my American History students say ‘we are becoming historians! When I found out I was teaching 5th grade, I will admit I was a bit scared. First grade reading is one of the most exciting learning periods for your child. TEDx Talk Tryon - Teaching took on a whole new meaning for this high school teacher turned biofuel eco-preneur when her students became her teachers. I remember when I dropped my first daughter off at her first day of high school and had a panic attack because there were senior boys with full on beards walking along side her!” —Liz M. “I teach high school SPED reading and 10th grade inclusion ELA. On a later day when his mom was picking him up early, I walked him down so I could share how far he had come. K-5 Teachers Resources: Teaching Worksheets, activities, and technology ideas for K-5: Correlates to Virginia Standards of Learning First Grade : Second Grade : Third Grade: Fourth Grade Printables : Ideas : Lessons : Virginia SOL Resources for first, second, third, and fourth grade. Below are some of our favorite answers, from pre-K on up! First grade teachers take back your weekend! What other job can impact the future like that?” —Kara S. Davis, fourth grade. Exactly why I love teaching middle school. “As a retired college dean and author who is currently teaching writing classes to adults at Conejo Valley Adult School in Thousand Oaks, California, I am honored to teach adults and share a moment in time with individuals who are going back to school for the sheer joy of learning.” —Karen Gorback, PhD, author, Freshman Mom, “I teach 4th grade at a low-income school, and many of these kids have had a tough life. I feed off of their excitement!” –Alyssa F. “Kindergartners are so enthusiastic about everything. Enter early and often! From the depths of personal routine habits to a hilarious look at social blunders her articles have also appeared on partner sites, the, family and We teach lots of strategies. Have your classroom organized and have supplies prepared. In return, they teach me how to be better in each of these areas and brighten my day.” —Nana Kanzaveli, second grade, Los Altos, CA. Students also begin to use technology in 1st grade, specifically for writing and research. Working with students day in and day out, year after year, I get to meet and become a large part of their lives. I couldn't have a better profession. I get to be a part of molding into young adults and helping them prepare for the world. I actually spent my first year of teaching in 3rd grade. Get your first grader writing sentences, the first step to stories, with our first grade writing sentences worksheets. “I love my job because all children need someone in their corner believing that they are unique individuals who are capable of anything. I don’t drill information into their minds. We love to hear about what’s most wonderful about your grade level, what attracted you to that level, and what insights you have about children at that stage in their education. Strategies are a great way to ... Read More about Reading Comprehension Strategies in First Grade People always say to me, “Those kids are lucky to have you,” but I’m the lucky one. I hear students say they know I care and love them because I do. When I am not teaching I love read, travel, cook and bake, craft, and spend time with my amazing “My students are curious, brave, and inspire me every day. “They adore narrative—whether it’s about ancient Egypt or Star Wars—they love talk and story.” —Emily H. “They try to act so grown up, but are really still big kids…although sometimes they act more needy than my primary babies did.” —Richard K. “My class was writing thank-you cards to the local IGA grocery store that had donated ice cream to our school. printable worksheets to practice and improve reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. Looking for inspiring books for teachers? This is my favorite part of teaching. We want to make every kid a maker and innovator of technology, not just a user. What I Love About Teaching By Heather Wolpert-Gawron March 24, 2009 There's a lot I love about being a teacher. We got you covered. SEE MORE 16. Scared but excited. First grade is an exciting time for children as they move past the basics and begin to be introduced to reading & writing, science, and social studies. They also have no filters and can say some interesting things. My favorite thing is to see a student who has never danced before perform confidently on stage in a piece that they helped choreograph and express themselves in a new and authentic way.” —Stephanie Simpson, dance, musical theatre, and yoga, sixth to twelfth grade, New York City. Share YOUR favorite thing about the grade you teach, either on the We Are Teachers Facebook page or on and you could win an original, digital illustration of your comment. Interested in yoga for kids? One student kept telling me ‘I won’t give up!’ Then, things started clicking for him—it was like a lightbulb went off. Second graders still have the sweetness and innocence of the primary grades but they have more confidence because they’ve learned the basics and now they’re perfecting their skills and becoming more independent. Pre-K: Enthusiasts   “I love the spark that my preschoolers get when they make a […]. It’s also easy to “trick” them into learning. Interdisciplinary Teaching Helps Students Tolerate or Embrace Ambiguity Interdisciplinary instruction helps students understand why conflicts commonly arise over; the causes and consequences of an issue and, the ideal way for It is very challenging and there is a lot of pressure on teaching reading and writing and math basics, but very rewarding at the end of the year when you see all the growth! Mar 12, 2020 - Explore Alicia Beythan's board "First Grade- Personal Narrative", followed by 598 people on Pinterest. I love making math fun, especially for girls!!! I do find it too fast paced for about 1/3 of my kids, especially my strugglers. Telling Time. We’ll pick our favorite and our writer/illustrator Emily Hopkins will create a drawing based on your comment. All rights reserved. '” —Ann Shaheen, humanities, Phoenix, Arizona. Classes are hard, stakes are high. First grade is all about sentences. I am not just their ‘teacher.’ I am part of their village, I learn from them, challenge them, coach them, and believe in them. I care for them, challenge them, and encourage them as if they are my own.” —Jenni Vincelli, fifth grade, Manalapan, New Jersey. I didn’t have a handle on classroom management, and I left each day feeling exhausted and defeated. No matter how stressed you get or react on those long, bad days, they still love and hug you at the end of the day.” Renee O. I am tremendously proud of these students for their energy and devotion to advocating for our community and our planet. It is my sincere desire that in 20 years they’ll look back on middle school and know they had a committed adult fighting for them as they struggled through.” —Christina R. Kirk, Rogers Middle School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I love how Have Fun Teaching offers Common Core Lessons for Every Standard! We never give up in my classroom. Overwhelming is the word that best describes my first year of teaching. This is the year that matters most in high school.” –Somer V. “I LOVE teaching seniors with their ability to think, to have a constructive debate, to have “real” questions, more mature thought process (usually), and they are SO funny!! Our young people need to see that their voices are heard, and that with persistence, we can make a positive difference,” —Ellen Hoitsma, third grade teacher, the Park School, Baltimore, Maryland. Hope Daniels is a contributor to's Lifestyle section, where she writes about life’s gifts and slips. ABOUT YOUR BODY UNIT 1ST GRADE BY: AMY FADEL E-Mail: "COMPLETED AS PART OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR EL ED 4050 FALL SEMESTER, 1999, JAY MONSON Hilariously awkward. Don’t miss these inspiring acts of kindness by students. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers, We asked WeAreTeachers readers to share why they love teaching the grade they do. His former New … “My students are just as passionate about the environment as I am. Instead, I share an idea and then allow them to teach me. They’re like caterpillars turning into butterflies.” –Liz M. “Second graders have no filter…love that.” —Tiffany C. “I love how third graders can begin to think critically and defend their thinking. !” —Elaine R. “Back to the bottom again. Read what students wish their teacher knew. But all any child needs is one adult who can show them they are capable of great things. Nov 12, 2020 - Icebreakers, books, parent letters and more that are perfect for the first day and beyond. Their music is in the form of learning, laughter, passion, and joy. teaching first grade for four years. Being a teacher is an amazing career and adventure! March 25, 2013— -- When Philip Wiederspan began teaching first-grade at age 25, he was the only male, except for the gym teacher. See more ideas about 1st grade writing, first grade writing, classroom writing. Posted by Tricia Richardson I have been teaching for 10 years, primarily 3rd grade, & in recent years only math! Their passion for conservation recently drove them to ask for a formal change in Park’s drop-off and pick-up policy. Before the first day of school, spend some time organizing school supplies into desks or bins that are labeled. “It’s the sweet spot! “I love building lasting relationships with my students and being able to see them become lifelong learners.” —Maddie Mayerson, first and second grade, Somerville, Massachusetts First Grade Worksheets You'd Want to Print Free Distance Learning Resources: First Graders Distance I told his mom how proud I was of him, and she grabbed me in a big hug. I revel in sharing learning with students who want to learn. Complete no prep curriculum materials that kids will enjoy using in the classroom. “My students are part of my community for much longer than they are in my classroom. 30 Million Kids Loved by kids and parent worldwide 50,000 Schools I started urging him to help others out, and when one day a kid looked up at him and told him ‘you sure are smart’—I have never seen that student smile so big! Are you teaching Common Core and need Common Core Lesson Plans? We asked WeAreTeachers readers to share why they love teaching the grade they do. CONTEST! “I love the spark that my preschoolers get when they make a new discovery or master a skill they’ve been working on. Use this map skills thematic unit for first-grade students and discover activities to engage students such as mapping the school, creating picture books, and completing a treasure hunt. At this age, students recognize the social struggles in high school but, given a safe space they relate well with each other.” –Joanne M. “SO MUCH PRESSURE. In the dance studio and on the stage, we are constantly collaborating and learning from each other. We want to focus on the foundations of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Initiative to equip the kids with improved problem solving skills and critical thinking ability.” —Suparba Panda, founder/visionary/technologist. The current celebrity culture where fame and money are obtained through … Happy summer With a flick of the wrist, a nod of the head, or a well timed compliment, they make beautiful “music” with their students. Really gearing up for college. Teaching About Story Structure Using Fairy Tales From "once upon a time" to "happily ever after," students learn to recognize story structure in fairy tales and create a logical sequence of … I wasn’t prepared for the multitude of things on my plate. Emily Hopkins is an editor and writer for We Are Teachers. —Lizz Cook, sixth grade, Baldwin Middle School, Baldwin, New York. However, after the first day of school I was hooked. I love guiding my sixth graders to success, I love the interaction and personal connections I have formed with my students, I love the fact that every day is different and full of promise. Leveled stories & reading worksheets These leveled stories, each followed by comprehension questions, are taken from our series of leveled reading workbooks ranging in difficulty from A to Z. For me, it is literally my lifeline throughout the year. They are part of my heart forever. Plus, check out why teaching middle school is the best job ever. “I created TymeMachine to offer innovation and technology for kids of ages 6-12 in St Louis MO. !” Asphault A. I also love how they love novels so much!” —Heather B. With tears in her eyes, she whispered ‘thank you.’ As a teacher, I can change the trajectory of a child’s life for the better.

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