The property is not in a village, but in a beautiful country side with Trulli scattered from place to place, full of olive groves over the red puglian soil. From the moment we were picked up in Bruno's big red bus to Andrea dropping us off at the train station we had a wonderful time. German: Fluent Learn more The. He was very considering with the workawayers dietary needs and the work was very fair. Andrea, thanks again for everything and we shall return for your piadinas which are awesome! Ciao Bodo and thank you again for a great, first workaway experience. Our fellow WWOOFers were from Italy, Switzerland, Israel, and the US. He took us to a local concert and delicious Italian pizza. Dejan is a very friendly and sociable character and immediately integrated himself very well into the working group, respecting conscientiously the directives that, If we assume that we are grading from 1 to 100, I give them 100. The type of work – I stayed away from farms that had animals or bees because I don’t think I’d be comfortable working with them. has a “Sustainable Living and Farm Jobs Page that lists employment, internship and volunteer opportunities throughout the country. Here's what happens when you are a flight volunteer: You send us your flight confirmation, a picture of your ID, and contact information. I had a fabulous Time at bodos. And from the sky, we will send her a sign of friendship, with the hope that she will find the hapiness too. We were there for 2 weeks of the olive harvest in November. generous! 1. You meet us at the airport 3 hours before your flight. Nous avons passé 2 superbes semaines en compagnie d'Andrea, de Cecilia, d'Anna, et des deux autres Workawayers Dejan et Samantha. pour visiter le coin, merci Cecilia de nous avoir emmener à l'arrêt de bus ! To leave feedback make sure you login & your account is online. She was always happy and content. You, as the volunteer, work for the farm and they, as the host, provide you a place to live and food to keep you more than satiated. Charlotte and Gerhart are an adorable couple. farm is very nice and is a beautiful location. However, she could climb up with an extreme flexibility to the top of the trees in order to prune them. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. to be a young mother, we wish her all the best for all the responsablilties she will take in the future. We have just spent just over 2 weeks in this beautiful part of the world and what a great time we have had! The last couple of weeks have flown by. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So, I've been here on October and November and I participated in the whole olive harvest. English: Fluent After I chose a few farms, I wrote to 3 or 4 prospective hosts. I will always be thankful to you for every beautiful day in Italy. But Palmas, from Monza, Italy… Thank you Paula for all what you did for us. We thank them very much for everything they did in a flexible way, even going far beyond the task at hand, and always remaining respectful. Italy Farm Stay will always hold a special place in my heart. The work was fair and not so hard. On your return, we really hope to see you again with us. I thank you Andrea (and Anna), for this wonderful experience and wish you all the best for your projects. Although we are a farm in a rural area, the town of Sora (about 35,000 inhabitants) is only 40 minutes away by foot. beautiful and I feel very lucky to have had this experience with you. I spent 5 weeks there, and I keep several great memories from it. We helped with the olive harvest which Andrea liked to describe as a fitness programme :) it is a busy time but Andrea was always very conscientious about safety, breaks and ensuring that everyone was happy, We also learnt a lot about olives and olive oil - we have a new found respect for olive oil as a lot of work goes in to making it and the oil tastes so good :). I stayed only for 2 weeks but I will miss this place and the friends I made especially little Maui. Not yet, but I’m looking into workaway for a trip in Asia. I highly recommend this host. My first workaway experience and it was more than I have expected. Veterinary pharmacist killed by volunteer at a farm in Devon was a 'force of nature' Katherine Bevan was strangled to death by Luigi Palmas on January 3. your heart, you have left a trace here not ready to forget (thinking Uli's wood carving). organic farming during my two weeks working in the fields, and every day was full of good experiences and chances to connect with people from around the world, as our Workawayer team included people from five different countries. We ended up stranded in Rome and our other two hosts were stuck in snow and they cancelled on us. I spend a happy month with Andrea here and am really glad about that first workaway experience. (Haha I know that sounds rather stupid) And to think there are Olive Farms! They were really very efficient. Be happy. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a worldwide movement to link visitors (WWOOFers) with organic farmers, promote a cultural and educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming and sustainability practices. The workaway-rooms are beautiful and clean and so is the farm. During our days-off, we had plenty of time to visit the wonderful region. I guess it depends on the season as well. Work exchange in Spain with us at our Olive farm in the mountains of Andalucía between Malaga and Granada, with its own swimming pool. Italian: Fluent. 1. Andrea is fantastic host and very funny guy, he always had a great joke. I felt honored. I stayed for two and a half weeks on this beautiful farm in Tuscany. The thing is..I have to take some time off from work. Your Farm Aid festival volunteer assignment will be sent to you by mid-August. We wish him all the best on the way of his life. ;). This was very appreciated. We had a break before the lunch with coffee and biscuits. Thankyou Andreas and family for a great experience I hope one day we can return and be part of this beautiful farm again :) xxx. Andrea makes every effort to make everyone feel comfortable. Andrea was kind enough to take me and the other workawayers on trips to the surrounding areas as well as help us organise our own trips. We are 1 hour from Bologna. Thank you for taking me to Texas with you when you've prepared the famous Tex Mex Food. The work was often physical but always fair and great fun. thanks for the visits of the region, your great sense of humor, the perfect energy that you brought and for being so generous! In this sense, they were very "professional" because they knew how things should. Andrea was a fantastic host and looks after his, This was our first workaway experience and it couldn't get any better. Food is culture in Italy, and it only makes sense to totally involve yourself with farm work abroad. During their free time, they went on foot to discover the region and its culture. We had lovely dinners with Friends and guests. A couple of times we went to the Frantoio and saw how the olives are processed into oil. Contact to assist as a volunteer. Prior to the farm, Beth and I had eaten a lot of pizza and panini—basically any cheap staple food we could find. There were a few twenty-somethings as you would expect but there were also more mature workers, as well. Accommodation and facilities – as I said, I’m a city girl. I was Free To plan, when i would like To Start work. Andrea told there are strict regulations about building anything in the area. She helped us a lot always trying to do the best, specially in gardening and general maintenance, painting doors of entrances. Gift an entire year’s worth of adventures for the travel lovers in your life. The location is gorgeous and thank you so much Andrea taking us to the hot springs and the pizza party :), As an avid world traveler, I have to say that Andrea's farm,is one of the most beautiful, peaceful places that I have ever seen, and it was truly a privilege to help with the 2015 olive harvest. On weekends we went to explore the beautiful Tuscany and did some hikes/walks. host, to meet other workawayers and to spend some time learning about olive oil and the farm I highly recommend! Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. He even took us (in the few days that I've stayed there) on a trip to the sea and the hot springs. Volunteer to help in the farm in Italy. Volunteer and stay at our cashmere farm! 2. The work was energetic but not too hard - wielding. What a fabulous workaway experience, a beautiful farm and house, the work is great, and I thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors all day especially with good weather. Very fair work, no complaints, The time I spent here was absolutely wonderful. At work, she learns quickly and is doing very well. We've been to the olive, Nous avons reçu Robin et Chloé durant deux semaines dans notre ferme agricole pendant la récolte des olives. Check out my quick guide to volunteer and travel, and my 7 day itinerary in Puglia, this beautiful region of southern Italy. I spent at this olive farm in Maremma almost three weeks and it was a very nice and rich experience! The lower If you choose to volunteer on a farm in Italy, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with that tantalizing cuisine from the moment it was planted, to time it’s on your plate. This looks like an incredibly cool experience! Learn how your comment data is processed. Italy was my first choice and I found the WWOOF organization for volunteering at organic farms. The work was exhausting, but not hard. French: Fluent 5. I could not have wished for a better stay and I learnt so much in the 3 weeks I was there and only wish I could have stayed longer. I’m a city girl and I had no experience with farm work so I had quite a few things on my checklist. Andrea is a fantastic host and a kind, easygoing person who makes each Workawayer feel like part of the family. You could be sinking your toes into the sand of a Greek island one day, wandering cobblestone streets in Italy the next, and sipping on sangria in Barcelona the day after that. I was in awe of the beautiful hills and peaceful surroundings. There were many helpers from around the world Düring the harvest and it made fun, part of the team to be. With 50,000+ opportunities worldwide there's plenty to provide inspiration, Find new friends to share adventures with via the Workaway travel buddy search, Meet up and connect with like-minded travellers. The average rating left for each option is displayed. If they can, we call the airline, book the dog, and pay the fees. Andrea is everything you could want in a workaway host, friendly, kind, easy going. There are other things to do like collecting the nets and moving them to another tree, collecting the fallen branches, cleaning the courtyard in front of the house. I will miss the amazing meals and your company and hope to one day return; maybe the next harvest. We really wanted to stay longer but unfortuently had to move on. These pictures don't show the beauty that awaits you here. He even had the kindness to take us to a beautiful town by the sea on a day-off. So I did not just learn things about olive trees but also about italian kitchen, movies and the life in Maremma. fab experience and I would love to come back next year! Thessaloniki Guide – Best Things to do in Thessaloniki in 3 Days, Lanzarote: Timanfaya National Park – All You Need To Know, LagOmar Lanzarote – Omar Sharif’s Beautiful House in a Quarry, Jameos Del Agua Lanzarote – “The 8th Wonder Of The World”, Fundacion Cesar Manrique in the Magic Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Food in Plovdiv – The Best Restaurants and Craft Beer. If, This was my first work away experience and I could not have ask for better! The incredible life of a farm growing organic olive trees and operating an agritourism in Maremma, located in southern Tuscany. Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Italy, Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Europe, Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Tuscany, Last minute Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Italy, Come and join our eco-park and explore the beauty of Elena, Bulgaria, Help in an organic olive trees garden close to town in Liguria, Italy, Discover our forest island-like autonomous eco site in Aquitaine, France, Be part of a German-french musician family in a big house in the countryside, Lorraine, France, Family looking for some English help in rural heritage city of Valparaiso, Chile. It was Great! Of course you will find time to discover the area (Siena, Firenze, the Maremma, the etruscian civilization, the sea and many different places. All the nice things people say here, it's true. Kosovo Dog Shelter, Kosovo: Andrea also discussed with us the olives press process and the tree maintainance process over the year. 2. We had plenty of time to discover, Such a nice place, and Andrea is a lovely and friendly host! The farm is located in the heart of the Maremma. Your good mood was a ray of sunshine for all those who worked and had the opportunity to know you during your stay. So that you could then assist and later replace Andrea during his absence, doing all the work and taking good initiatives when that was necessary. I stayed there 3 beautiful weeks, it was unforgettable experience. work awayers very well from good company, great food, and a clear structured approach to the work, we have been very happy here. An Incredible Volunteer Farm Stay In Italy. The highlight was certainly the great team spirit that, It was my first workaway experience and i had an awesome time there. Best of luck Andrea :-). After a while we had a fresh snack, some fruit directly from the tree and started chatting more. We had previously spoken about workawaying with Bodo but unfortunately where he was situated didn't work out for the other hosts we had booked. clapclapclap (almost a month on and we can still hear them!). That was such a great experience. The Farm Aid Volunteer Coordinator will email you to confirm your acceptance within two weeks of your registration submission. Andrea divided us into 2 teams, each team working half day. I helped during the end the olive harvest which was quite energetic but interesting and I have learned a lot. I had some really enjoyable moments with Andrea, preparing some delicious meals, often italian-inspired, and Marké was the funny cartoon character AND philosopher man who took his time to show us around on few of our days-off, which was really kind of him :-) Well I might say, if you receive and invitation to work here, don't hesitate to go! I spent almost 2 months with this lovely family and I enjoyed every minute here. 7 modern sabbatical ideas with Worldpackers. I volunteered for an olive farm in southern Italy region Puglia, called I Poderi del Sole. you like to spend time in the nature, this is the perfect escape. I stayed by Andrea 3 weeks. The picturesque village of Campagnatico is a pleasant 40 minute walk from the farm. We've tried oil from past few years and also from the olives that we've picked up. We even went to the press one day. Live on a small family farm surrounded by the Parma Apennines in Emilia–Romagna, Italy [Please contact host in Italian] Hi my name is Jonathan I am 36 years old and with my 6 and 4 year old daughters we live in a small farm surrounded by the green of the Parma Apennines. The food was delicious (thank you Naïma), the amount of work pretty fair - not more than 4-5h a day - and it was greatly rewarding to see the results of our hard labour by the end of the day. 4. Piadina is now one of my favourite meals! The house we stayed in, built around a Trullo had a roof terrace where we could enjoy the sun, read of talk before dinner. I tentatively followed her into the olive grove where she was sprinting through the trees, screeching like a banshee, chasing a flock of motley sheep. It seemed that you had always a piece of sun with you and the life was very nice living with you. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Italy was my first choice and I found the WWOOF organization for volunteering at organic farms. Sam, Volunteer from Melbourne. Find fellow workawayers close by, Learn a new language while sharing yours with others, Learn, improve or share your skills while traveling, Earn badges and showcase your achievements, Showcase what you have done during your travels, Recent travel tips, news and advice to help you plan your journey, Get to know the most active and experienced workawayers, Explore the world through the lens of workawayers and hosts, Watch vlogs & videos showing Workaway experiences and stories. Join a range of volunteer abroad projects supporting NGO's with International Volunteer HQ, the world’s affordable and trusted volunteer company. Neben der Vermietung von Ferienwohnungen ist der Hauptanteil im Agrarbereich die Erzeugung von biologischen Olivenöl auf einer Fläche von 6 ha mit 1455 Bäumen (Gesamtareal 14 ha). There were 4 other workawayers, we had a lot of fun. Thank you and Liam for your help in a saisaon not very fine in Italy. WWOOF enables people to live and volunteer on a variety of organic properties. Then we will be happy to see that her dream has come true. it said she, apologizing. Hundreds of listings worldwide, Europe included, including many different types of volunteer farm work abroad, much of the organic variety and permaculture. Thank you Andrea for having us (me, Stephan and Hannes) here at this beautiful place!! Going as local as possible, have a positive impact and give back is the best way of traveling. I love cats and dogs but I don’t know if I’d be able to establish a relationship with a donkey for example. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Have you done voluntarily work outside Europe? The farm is located in the heart of the Maremma. The farm is certified organic for 15 years. You can volunteer in a farm in Italy, for example, picking grapes and learning how to make great mediterranean wine! He is a great cook. Early in the morning, everything is really quiet and the grass is still wet. Gerhart was my best olive picker and always smiling. Very friendly and coming from a … If you are looking for farm work there is availability all year round but some of the most popular destinations for seasonal farm jobs are in Europe, perhaps picking fruit or vegetables and packing produce in France, Spain, Greece, Italy or the UK. He made me feel comfortable. WWOOF organisations connect people who want to live and learn on organic farms and small-holdings with people who want to share their knowledge and way of life. We check if dogs can be added to your flight. could host us and he replied almost immediately and had set a bed up for us and cleared his very very long drive full of snow so he could pick us up the very next day! In the evening has always a team for all cooked, a great idea. The place is surrounded by beautiful, This was a wonderful workaway experience! workawayers and is there for them even in their free time. Nous avons appris à propos de la culture Italienne et Suisse ; et de beaucoup d'autres choses ; l'échange de cultures était bien là! No one was too talkative for at least another hour so that was a very good time to get my thoughts in order. Excellent host, delicious food and good work. and had a lot of fun!I highly recommend! Volunteering for a farm means you might be pretty remote so you have to take transport into consideration. I learnt many new things, culture and visited great places. We received Ana and Eli for two weeks at our farm to work on the olive harvest. Nous pouvons les recommander à tous ceux qui les recevront. Volunteering on the winery — one of the best places to WWOOF in Italy, in my opinion — was an amazing experience. Andrea is definitely a very laid-back and funny boss who knows how to make you feel comfortable. Our primary job was pruning the olive trees and taking care of the garden. I would love to come back again and help with future harvests! Learn More{{/message}}. Not long after I arrived, she swore loudly and ran off. I gained some new skills, met some nice people, have seen such beautiful places (!) We have so much gratitude for bodo! ENPA National Board for Animal Protection, Italy: Established in 1871, this organisation manages animal rescue organisations, rescues injured animals, promotes school education projects about pet care and has an inspectorate who prosecute those who abuse animals. We have had a very good time with you. What was special was that they were themselves owners of a farmhouse in another country (Slovenia) and they wanted to discover the reality of an experience of beeing a "simple workawayer". In the afternoons we had time to ourselves, until dinner at 7 p.m. For instance, some afternoons, I went to the closest city with the host, and wandered around for an hour or two. Volunteer your stay at a Cashmere goats farm in Tuscany, Italy. Dear Uli and Dagmar, We would like to thank you for everything you did for us. Yumm ! They are amazing looking trees, no two alike. I like sleeping in a bed and taking a hot shower so these were on my checklist. Discover what it takes to become a workawayer, Want to become a host? Andrea picked us up and made us feel comfortable and at home immediately. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel very welcome and were able to stay in some very beautiful accomodation with everything that we needed. I received an invitation to work here, and that was a good decision to accept! Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. I spent a great time there with the friendly host, Andrea, and an amazing working team coming from all parts of the world (i miss you all guys!). We cordially recommend them to all those who will receive them. We need workayers for a minimum of two weeks stay ! and over all funny guy. Olive harvesting is mostly done by hand, hitting the high branches The work is good and varied. It's a wounderful place in Tuscany. As workawayer you will be a part of the family, taking care of the garden, cooking (sometimes), and doing different jobs of general maintenance (painting, etc.) Italy Farm Jobs - Harvest and Seasonal Work. It is a beautiful piece of land with three little houses built around a traditional Trullo, ran by an older couple. Moreover you had the capacity to work with application and by yourself. Loren did not stay long. 4 hours work per day for each helper. Visitors or WWOOFers as they kindly known, give a helping hand with the daily activities on the land and in the … workaways ». WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a network of organizations that set up volunteers on organic farms across the planet – it’s a great way to spend part of a gap year learning about the world outside of your planned vacation. Ils étaient très sympathiques et se sont bien intégrés au groupe de travail. I stayed a few extra days it was so good. We had a lot of fun and pruning the olive trees was an interesting job. best man, hope to visit you again one day. Italy’s primary crops include tomatoes, olives, and wine grapes. I’ve never seen an olive tree before. be done in general. COMFOODSJOBS from Tufts University, this is an announcement service for employment, internships, and similar opportunities across the (sustainable) food system spectrum. Der Agriturismo liegt im Herzen der Maremma. were given. people where living here around. If you have an adventurous spirit and a desire to learn something new, it is a wonderful opportunity to see Italy in a novel way. Graziella is a fantastic and passionate cook. A little study and a checklist got me to the sunny region of Puglia, as a volunteer for an olive farm. The work is straight forward and the food is delicious. developed within each of us, and the cares that the host gave us. What a great few weeks!!! He is open minded, smiling and he always worked with a great attention. Whether you decide to volunteer in Italy on a laid-back farm or in the alluring city, Italy has something for every traveler. Location: Amore di Vergato, Italy Description: This farm is situated at 670 m in a popular tourist area. Depending of the season, you could help on the olive fields. More ideas about places to visit in the region in my 7 days to explore Puglia itinerary. Merci encore à vous deux, amici :-). The volunteer will live in the farm, accommodated in single tents, cooking and eating together and living in an intercultural context. We spent almost 3 weeks at this place and it was a wonderful time ! Sometimes I’d just take a walk through the olive groves. 4. First of all, I checked the WWOOF Italy list and map, then I paid the membership fee to be able to contact the hosts . Say, on your gap year as a WWOOF volunteer? Ils étaient toujours très intéressés par tout ce qui se faisait, car tout en travaillant beaucoup, ils en profitaient pour tourner un reportage sur la vie des «. he really takes care of you and also makes some nice jokes ;-). I enjoyed pruning the olive trees and gardening. We spent very happy days with Rafael who is a very nice person, nicely educated and also speaking English very fluently. Run and manage a farm, farmhouse rental, herd of goats and guard dogs, and produce and sell the finished product in our farm shop. On arrival training, preparation and quarantine Thank you Andrea for the time I spent at your farm! I learned so much about olives and. :-) The work at the beginning was to restore an old vineyard, then started the pruning of the olive trees, which is a really peaceful and nice work. Because of this, Europe stands out as a travel and volunteer destination. We were lucky enough to arrive the day before the harvest so got cracking straight away with the clappers!!! ... Join us as a volunteer on a horse ranch in America. I’m a city girl and I had no experience with farm work so I had quite a few things on my checklist. with some long sticks to make the olives fall, or sometimes with a machine that the local towns and sights. advice. In the evening we would play cards and some word games and we had a lot of fun. Europe is a diverse patchwork of countries stitched together historically and geographically. These are extra optional ratings when members leave feedback. In addition to the rental of apartments in the main part of the agricultural sector the production of organic olive oil in an area of 6 hectares with 1,455 trees (total area 14 ha). I really enjoyed the lovely group atmosphere. Surely her heart must be of the species of cats who always keep their balance wherever they are. Learn about volunteering in Italy! family all the best and also our team-mates!! (5.0), Cultural exchange: I was invited to participate in the olive harvesting this fall and i am really glad i made the decision to go. If we sometimes heard a cry of surprise : it was because Anna had discovered a butterfly or a caterpillar or a flower even when it was not an ant. 56 For those who seek a peaceful adventure far away from stressful and fast-paced cities, there is no better place to be. Dès notre arrivée Andrea nous a mis à l'aise. I was so surprised that I could not reply ! I stayed three weeks here in September. We thank you very much and for sure you will give a lot of happiness in the people you will meet during your journey around the world. Volunteer opportunities in Italy are based in the capital, Rome, or the coastal city of Naples. I bet you had really strong arms after doing that. During his whole stay it was a perfect and cordial understanding. We worked either morning or afternoon shifts 5 days per week and the accommodation was in separate bedrooms of a communal 3 bedroom holiday apartment where all meals were provided, cooked by the. And she shared it with delight to the others. He wants everyone to be happy ☺ It was nice having such a cute companion to work with (Mowey, the kitten.

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