Im having an issue that the Lexus dealership simply cannot track down and find the cause. This was right after getting into the car after an hour of parked up at the gym. First they said I had an emission leak, but when they couldn't find it they said that I had to replace charcoal canister. i was parking on a church grass lot and spun the rear wheel(s) going up a slight incline. As has been posted, Check VSC indicates a fault has been logged and stored to memory. ! Lexus Model: IS250 Year of Lexus: 2007 Location: Aberdeenshire; Share; Posted May 26, 2016. I had my "Check VSC", Engine light, and Traction light come on. My is250 wouldnt start today and the brake pedal was extremely hard to press. so engine was half warm i would say. when i got back in the car the CHECK VSC warning was on, along with check engine, and the car symbol with the squiggly lines behind it. Check your trouble codes (or have them checked by someone) first to give you a better idea of what’s actually going on. ? Greetings - when I got into my IS250 this afternoon the CHECK VSC message, plus the Master Warning Light (Red Triangle) the Check Engine Light - Not flashing and the Slip Indicator light all came on and did not go off. After trying to press different buttons not on the screen (voice command, radio controls, climate off, auto, etc.) Hopefully, your issue is as simple as mine and your fix for check engine and VSC lights only costs $15! i have IS250 rwd, 6 spd manual. I recently bought my 2006 IS250, and when I went to start it today I noticed that after adjusting the climate the nav screen went black. After about 10 min. of trying to push start the car it finally started. none of them would work either.A few seconds later the car turned off and said "CHECK VSC". Hello all So yesterday I got this check VSC light on with engine management and yellow skidding sign in the Dash. I had noticed that the revs seemed down when stopped at the lights when I had driven it earlier. This all started with me braking hard to avoid hitt … read more i tried to put the car in gear as it was on Park, and a peeping sound came on and a message asking me to put the car in P shift position.!!!!!!!!!!! My IS250 actually logged a couple of faults late last year - as I'm a 3 hour return trip to my Lexus dealer and the local Toyota dealer didn't want to help pulling codes, I decided to spend $20 and buy myself an ODB II Bluetooth scanner on eBay to check the fault codes myself. Essentially, I will be driving along and without any warning, the check engine light starts flashing and the traction control light stays on with the message Check VSC. VSC stands for “Vehicle Stability Control“. It is likely that “Traction Control” will not work while this light is illuminated. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or leave a comment below. Is there anything else I can do before I have to take it to the dealer? I went to the lexus service department in westminster to see what the problem was. If you found this post helpful, let me know! A common problem with Toyota and Lexus vehicles is the owner may find the “VSC OFF” and “Check Engine” lights illuminated simultaneously. Hello, my VSC incident is a little different. What is the meaning of this? Hi, I took my 2007 Lexus IS 250 for diagnosing and they gave me codes P0751, P2714, and C1201. Also my traction, VSC and check engine lights are on. Ive had the CHECK VSC and ABS LIGHT on for about 2 weeks. Lexus IS250 / Lexus IS250C / Lexus IS350 / Lexus IS350C Club / Lexus IS-F / IS300h It took 2 weeks to finally find what was wrong. vsc light, trac light, this circle between two brackets , and the big C (check engine) all came on at the same time.

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