You Can’t Grow Store Bought Potatoes – The Myth That Costs You Money June 26, 2012 That handsome plant in between my goat horn pepper plant I started in the Spring and my four year old fig tree is a purple potato plant I started about two weeks ago. Remove the soil along the mounds you created through hilling so that you can clearly see them. Are you kidding about the cost being nearly the same? And can you be more specific on whether the store bough potatoes might grow? Cut in quarters = 20 starters. Never been an issue. Finally pulled one, and found it was a red potato plant, with about five potatoes growing from it. I’m going to get serious with the store bought and see what I can produce this year. I buy a few organic potatoes at our natural food store and they sprout fine. What a great post! No, you cannot find the wide variety that seed catalogs offer, but you can get some of the major varieties and even some specialty taters like fingerlings. However, growing store bought potatoes can still be a fun garden experiment and a great way to grow a harvest from something that otherwise would have been a waste product! 1 Seed Potatoes consist of unwashed potatoes identified as certified seed by the state of origin by blue tags fixed to the containers or official State or Federal State certificates accompanying bulk loads, which identify the variety, size, class, crop year, and grower or shipper of the potatoes, and the State certification agency.” – United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Yesterday we bought bout 2 lbs each of Pontiac red, Kennebec, and Yukon gold. Mix a fertilizer high in nitrogen with your soil. As I pulled up the dried tops a huge potato came up with it. Make trenches in the soil about 4 inches deep and plant your potatoes about 4 inches apart. I planted store bought along with Pontiac red and Yukon gold seed potatoes . Seed potatoes offer us the best chance for a healthy, productive potato crop. Gardening Channel. I put my peelings out two weeks ago in compose and wow they are growing! The ideal soil environment for your potatoes to grow in includes: Keep controlling the quality of your soil through soil tests even after planting. Fertilizing every 2-3 weeks is ideal. Avoid exposure to frost. I chitted and planted a sprouted potato found in the back of the pantry, just to see what would happen. And they're not your average store-bought potatoes. Use peelings from healthy potato specimens that are free from mold, soft areas, or green portions of skin. From the comments, I want to try a couple of store potatoes as well. The truth is, seed potatoes are a biz and if they can scare you into buying them, it’s more profit for them. Can i plamt these in ocala ,fl now? What stores are you finding them at, Tater Salad? No problems ever. Experts disagree on whether store-bought potatoes should be planted. Eventually, it will look as though you planted the spuds in hills. honestly my seed potatoes – which i did not cut up, so there was something i learned – produce about 4 x their weight, so since the organic seed potatoes cost 4x more than regular, i break even:> Wait, you mean you didn’t have a Spuddy Buddy growing up?! Continue mounding soil (or a compost-soil mix) around the stalks, covering about 2/3 of the new growth. You recently came up with the idea of trying to grow potatoes (Solanum tuberosum). you can also check out my IGTV post showing how to plant your store bought potatoes! I have never grown a garden before. Thanks! As your potato plants develop and grow, you will want to add more soil to your container so that their vines are mostly buried under the soil line. They can have sprouts, but avoid seeds that already have white roots. Unlike certified seed potatoes for which you have to go through a long process and wait for delivery. Potting soil also drains well which will help prevent damp conditions that can encourage blight and rot. This is just WAY too much work. I hear they have beautiful flowers! Those that grow foliage above the ground, and those that grow new potatoes below it.

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